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Using unique visualisation software, I am able to bring a technical drawing to life. This can be done in a photorealistic or stylised way.

I am able to render the visualisation into an image or video, where the scenic, lighting, video, special FXs and automation elements of a production can be incorporated. Characters and objects can be animated and camera shots simulated. These renders can then be used to convey the design to the client during the delevopment and design process of a project or be used as a marketing tool to engage a potential audience.

The design can also be rendered in real time, which allows pre-programming and visualising the whole show before rehearsals. The production can be refined without the expense of rental equipment and rehearsal space. Further, power consumption can be kept to a minimum. 

Using the lastest technology, it is also possible to design shows for a virtual stream and artists can be green screened into the 3D environment. This allows maximising the impact of a production as budget and power consumption are not of concern. 

Drafting Portfolio
Render Portfolio
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